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Cell: (321) 480-0494. Email: matt@mattohern.com

Are you searching for an  Affordable SEO & Social Media Consultant? You’ve come to the right site! I work with organizations and business owners who want to:

  • Boost their website traffic.
  • Boost the number of their Facebook page fans.
  • Increase the engagement of their Facebook following.
  • Increase website referrals from social media links and shares.
  • Elevate their page ranking in GoogleBing and Yahoo! search results with search engine optimization.
  • Target Facebook ads exclusively to specific demographics & niche markets.
  • Create Twitter ad campaigns targeted to specific keywords and hashtags.
  • Create Google ads to appear for valuable phrases in search results & network of websites..

Since 2008, I have worked search engine optimization and search engine marketing. I transitioned to SEO & SEM to learn the tools and skills needed to reach today’s self-empowered consumers with search-driven information.

Major SEO, PPC & Social Media Projects

My recent work includes major projects, blogging, online reputation management and site maintenance for clients ranging from two top-tier U.S. Presidential candidates to a 2.8 million member political group (Grew from 1 million to 3 million in 9 months) to online retailers such as Barn Light Electric, which has grown at a rate that is so remarkable,  the company was the focus of an Orlando Sentinel feature article (READ HERE).

Project Example: 1 Facebook.com/SpaceCoastDaily

In less than one year, SpaceCoastDaily.com daily traffic grew by over 500% and social media following increased from 3,000 fans to 60,000 fans via organic growth and interest-targeted local Facebook ads. Space Coast Daily now has more than 112,000 Facebook followers for one the largest following of all news media sites and Facebook pages in Florida.

Project Example 2: RightChange.com’s Facebook Page in the 2012 Presidential Election

(9) RightChange

Using a multi-pronged approach to reach voters in 12 states categorized as “swing states”, I led a team that used organic and interest-targeted ads on Facebook  to grow the Facebook following for RightChange.com from 1 million to 3 million fans in months.

Project Example 3: Political Talk Radio Host Earns #1 Ranking for Google Search Result “Florida political radio.

Ed Dean, a political talk show host in central Florida, expanded his broadcast to additional stations and now receives traffic from politicos across the state, thanks to EdDeanRadio.com’s high-ranking for search terms including:

  • Florida political radio
  • “Florida political news radio”
  • “Political radio in Brevard County”
  • “Conservative political events in central Florida”


My Diverse Skill Set  & Specialized Services

I have a diverse set of skills and multiple years of experience as a search engine optimization consultant, online publisher and journalist. I’m proficient in many programs, including:
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Business / Professional Pages
  • Twitter Optimization
  • Google Display Ads
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Docs
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Constant Contact E-mail Marketing
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Movie Maker
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • YouTube: Uploading and editing content
  • Social Media
  • Blogging
  • Word Press Content Management

(For a quick overview of my career experience, you can read my LinkedIn profile.)

 Formal Education & Journalism Background

My formal education and training in Journalism & Mass Communication includes a degree from Samford University. During my junior and senior year, I worked in the sports department at the Samford University Crimson.

Samford University by the Numbers

My projects include political website creation and ad campaigns, travel agency website link building, product highlighting and SEO for an industrial lighting company, online resume tweaking for professional athletic trainers and hundreds of feature stories at Hometown News.

In addition to editorial content, I also produce search engine optimized page copy for political candidates and small businesses. As a journalist, SEO consultant, search engine marketer and blogger, I’ve published more than 1,800 stories in print and online publications, including feature stories in various magazines,  newspapers and more than 600 blog posts integrated with valuable keyword links. I have contributed to the following publications:
  • Florida Today
  • SpaceCoastDaily.com
  • Examiner.com 
  • SpaceCoastMedicine.com
  • The Samford University Crimson
  • The Birmingham Post-Herald
The diversity of topics within my body of work parallels my versatility as a writer and a marketer.

My article subjects range from sports news to in-depth feature stories of amateur and professional athletes, as well as profiles of major CMO’s such as Mary Dillon of McDonalds, tech reviews,  marketing and advertising trends, consumer spending trends, consumer polling  and columns of commentary regarding controversial topics in sports and politics.

From June 2008 to July 2009, I was trained in SEO research methods,tactics and insights from two SEO veterans at Labitat Inc.During that time, I worked as a full-time blogger at marketingshift.com, where my daily posts earned top-20 rankings in Google News and top-10 or top-20 rankings for major keywords and brands, such as Travel Channel, Apple and Adobe.MarketingShift attracted thousands of new readers each week and was cited in leading publications such as the New York Times.

While, other copywriters can boast comparable stats regarding published stories, and SEO consultants can point to high rankings for targeted keywords, the important question to ask is:


-Matt O’Hern


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